What to Do When My House Burns Down

WHAT TO DO WHEN MY HOUSE BURNS DOWNHow Repair Contractors Help with Fire Damage

When fire breaks out on your property is an absolute nightmare for you as a homeowner, a few people are ever prepared for it and the after effects are just devastating. If you home has been burnt by fire, we sincerely sympathize with you and really hope that no lives were lost and you all managed to get out of that accident safely. Now that you have lost your home, you are probably wondering who you can contact and what steps to follow. Below is a detailed guideline of steps you should take and people you can contact such as: Insurance agents, Evaluators and, Repair contractors

1. Making an insurance claim Immediately after the devastating loss it is vital that you call you insurance company and find out what they would require of you such as providing a detailed list of things you lost or maybe securing your property against further theft and/or damage. Remember to always ask questions on what your policy does or does not cover so that you have a real understanding of which of their requirements will be a cost to you afterward as some of the required steps could be quite expensive. If you have lost all your basic necessities in the fire, an agent will advise you on what you can do to get an advance on your claim and it is important that you maintain a clear record of expenses that you incur during this period

2. Insurance adjustors: The next thing you will have to do is reach out to an insurance adjuster who was assigned to your claim (by the Insurance company), the adjuster should now compile a list that has a clear estimation of the damages that are on your property. This is an estimation that you can also work with when you are choosing the right repair contractors. It is important to keep in mind that the estimation supplied by an adjuster is done by someone who works for your insurance company hence they might give a quotation that is a bit biased against your claim. The next step is one that is therefore of great importance as it could potentially save you from being served with an unnecessary bill and will ensure that the work done on your property is done to perfection

3. -Repair contractors: You now have to hire a contractor who will now fix the damages that are on your property. A great contractor will work with the estimation you got from an adjuster earlier and negotiate with the insurance company so that you are rightfully compensated and you do not face expenses your policy should be paying for. Before settling on a contractor, it is important that you get to see their past work and reach out to their references. A repair contractor will provide you with a contract that will clearly outline the damages assessed by an adjuster inclusive of the ones they did not include with the report and also negotiate on your behalf. They will also fix the damages that are on your property so life can return to normal for you.

Calling your insurance company after the tragic loss is just not enough, you have to be proactive and be properly informed. Whilst the insurance company has its own adjuster, get someone to represent you by hiring a good repair contractor who will help ensure that you are not shortchanged and also work amazingly well on your property.